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Research the best ways to start forex trading. Forex is the biggest financial market in the world. It is bigger than the US stock market, because the daily turnover has now exceeded 7 Trillion US dollars.

Understand forex currencies and forex price fluctuations. Forex currencies are transacted in currency pairs. Choose a single forex currency pair and learn how to trade it until you get to know how that currency pair moves. The best forex currency pair is the EURUSD. Other good currency pairs are GBPUSD, USDCHF and USDJPY. These four currency pairs make up 160% of all online forex trade transactions. Since 2 currencies are in a currency pair the total is 200%.

About Forex Currency Pairs Tutorials - Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginners

Get a forex charting package which allows you to see the current forex trading price as it happens and make forex technical analysis. The most popular forex trading software is MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Platform. MT4 forex platform is easy to use, forex charts are well presented and the software has multiple forex trading technical analysis tools for a forex trader to choose from. The MetaTrader 4 forex platform software displays forex price charts on the computer screen; the forex charts show the current buy and sell prices of the various Forex currency pairs. The MT4 Forex trading platform helps you keep track of your funds in your forex account by showing the forex account balance and also calculates profits and losses and shows this information on the forex trading platform - the forex platform also shows how the open forex trade transactions opened on your forex trading account which you bought or sold are doing.

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MT4 Forex Platform Tutorial - Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginner Forex Traders

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The screenshot below shows the user interface of the MT4 Forex Trading Platform.

How to Trade with MetaTrader 4 Platform - Forex Trading Tutorial for MetaTrader 4 Platform


Learn a forex trading system which gives you forex trading signals of when to enter and when to exit forex trades. Following the forex markets price action is a popular method that professional traders have been using for over a hundred years before starting to use forex trading charts. Candlestick chart patterns, forex indicators and forex trading systems can also be used. All these forex trading methods are discussed in detail on

Forex Trading Systems - Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginners

The Forex Trading System uses the Forex Indicators below:

Please Read The Forex Technical Indicators Tutorial Before Creating Your Forex System - Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginners

Example of a Forex Trading System - Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginner Forex Traders

How to Trade Forex Trading System Example - Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginners

 Forex Trading System Example - Forex Trading Tutorial for Beginner Traders

Start with a demo forex trading training practice account before trading with real money. First start byopening a demo practice account and practice with this forex demo account, until you get to understand how the forex market works and when you start consistently making good profits on this forex demo trading account then you can open a live forex account.

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When you open a live forex account, trade with your forex plan and learn how to manage the emotions in forex trading by learning about Forex Market Psychology.

Forex Market Psychology Topics


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