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Moving Average XAUUSD Strategies

About the Moving Average XAUUSD Strategy

XAUUSD Trading Moving average is one of the most widely used XAUUSD Indicator because it is simple and easy to use.

This XAUUSD Indicator is a xauusd trend following indicator that is used by XAUUSD traders for three things:

  • Identify the beginning of a new xauusd market xauusd trend
  • Measure the sustainability of the new xauusd trend
  • Identify the end of a xauusd trend and signal a reversal xauusd signal

The XAUUSD Trading Moving Average or XAUUSD Trading Moving Average is used to smooth out the volatility of gold price action. The Moving Average is an overlay gold technical indicator and it is placed on top or superimposed on the gold price chart.

On the example xauusd chart below the blue line represents a 15 period MA, which acts to smooth out the volatility of the gold price action.

MetaTrader 4 Gold Chart Indicators - Moving Average Strategy XAUUSD Indicator Technical Analysis - Moving Average XAUUSD Technical Analysis XAUUSD Strategies

XAUUSD Trading Moving Average Technical Gold Indicator - MetaTrader 4 Gold Chart Indicators

Calculation of the Moving Average

The XAUUSD Trading Moving Average is also known as Moving Average - is calculated as an average of gold price using the most recent gold price data.

If the Moving Average uses the 10 period to calculate the average of the gold price then it is referred to as a 10 period xauusd moving average, because most xauusd traders use the day as the standard gold price period we shall just refer to it as the 10 day MA.

To calculate the ten day Moving Average the gold price of the last 10 days is averaged, the xauusd moving average indicator is then updated constantly after every new gold price period. So after every new gold price period is formed the moving average is then calculated afresh using the most recent 10 gold price periods, that is why it is called a moving average because the average is constantly moving when gold price data is updated.

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