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Bears Power Forex Technical Analysis and Bears Power Forex Trading Signals

Developed by Alexander Elder

Bears Power is used to estimate power of the Bears (Sellers). Bears Power estimates the balance of power between the bulls and bears.

This indicator aims at identifying if a bearish trend will continue or if the price has reached a point where it might reverse.


A Currency Price bar has 4 parameters: the Opening, Closing, High and Low of the price bar.

Each Price bar either closes higher or lower than the previous price bar.

The highest price will indicate the maximum power of the Bulls within a price period.

The lowest price will indicate the maximum power of the Bears within a price period.

This technical indicator uses the Low of the price and a Moving Average (Exponential)

The moving Average represents the middle ground between sellers and buyers for a certain price period.


Bears Power = Low Price - Exponential Moving Average

Bears Power Forex Trading Indicator - Bears Power Forex Trading Technical Indicator

Forex Technical Analysis and Generating Forex Trading Signals

Sell Signal

A sell signal is generated when the oscillator moves below Zero.

In a down trend, the LOW is lower than EMA, so the indicator is below zero and Histogram/Oscillator is located below zero line.

Sell Forex Trading Signal - Sell Signal in Forex Trading - Sell Forex Signal

Exit Signal

If the LOW moves above the EMA then it means that price are starting to rise, the histogram rises above the zero line.

Buy Forex Signal - Buy Signal in Forex Trading - Buy Forex Trading Signal

The Triple Screen method for this indicator suggests identifying the price trend on a higher chart interval (like daily time frame) and applying the bears power signals on a lower chart interval (like hourly time frame). Signals are traded according to the lower time frame but only in the direction of the long term trend in the higher chart time frame.


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