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How to Open a XAUUSD Trading Demo Account from MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Platform

The XAUUSD Trading demo account to learn xauusd with is the MetaTrader 4 demo gold trading account. To open a new demo xauusd account for practice trading, a xauusd trader can do this directly from their xauusd trading platform. Below using the MetaTrader 4 platform, on the top left corner; click File then click "Open an Account" button as shown below.

How to Open a New Demo Account from MetaTrader XAUUSD Platform - MetaTrader 4 Gold Trading Demo Account - Gold Trading Demo Account

Open Free XAUUSD Trading Demo Account MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Platform

Once you click this link you will be taken to your xauusd broker website where you can register for MetaTrader 4 demo xauusd account details of a XAUUSD Trading practice account.

The next step is to fill the following MetaTrader 4 demo xauusd account opening form shown below, the required information is:

  • Your first name
  • Last name
  • Country
  • City or town
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address.

After filling these MetaTrader 4 demo xauusd account opening details on the form below, click the open trading demo xauusd account button.

XAUUSD Trading Demo Account Registration Details How Do I Open MT4 Gold Demo Account? - MT4 Gold Trading Demo Account - MT4 Demo Free Gold Trading Practice Account - XAU Trading Demo Account

Demo Registration - Online Trading Practice Account - How to Open MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Demo Account

Once you fill the MetaTrader 4 demo xauusd account opening form and complete this step, you will then receive confirmation details of your online trading demo login and password details as shown below. A copy of these XAUUSD Trading login details will also be sent to your email address.

Demo Account Registration Confirmation From XAUUSD Broker - MetaTrader 4 Demo Free XAU USD Trading Practice Account

MetaTrader XAUUSD Trading Demo Account Registration Confirmation

The xauusd login details of the free practice trading account you just registered for that are sent as an email will appear in your inbox as shown on the screenshot below.

Open MetaTrader 4 Gold Demo Account - MT4 XAU/USD Demo Trading Account

Demo Registration Details Sent to E-Mail Address - XAUUSD Practice Account - Open MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Demo Account

Once you receive the demo xauusd account login details, you can now then login into the MetaTrader 4 platform and start to access the financial xauusd market and practice trading on this demo practice account.

The link to also download the MetaTrader 4 platform is also provided along with the login and password details upon registration of the MetaTrader 4 demo xauusd account so that you can download the MT4 XAUUSD Software, if you haven't downloaded it.

The procedure for installing the MetaTrader 4 platform, is covered in our previous MetaTrader 4 demo tutorial lesson before this one; How to install MetaTrader 4 platform.


How to Login to Demo XAUUSD Account

To login to your MetaTrader 4 xauusd trading demo; Open the MetaTrader 4 platform and at the top left corner of MetaTrader 4 click "File" then click Login as shown below:

MT4 XAU/USD Demo Trading Account

Login to XAUUSD Practice Account on MT4 XAUUSD Software - MetaTrader 4 Demo Tutorial

The following popup widow will popup prompting you to enter your demo xauusd account login details and password. Enter the xauusd login details as shown below and save the information by checking the "save account information" button so that there is no need to retype the next time you want to login.

XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader 4 Demo PDF

Login to XAUUSD Demo Account

Enter details as below and login

MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Trading Demo Trading PDF - MT4 XAU USD Trading Demo Account - XAU/USD Trading Demo Account

Login to Practice Gold Demo Account - MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Demo Account Tutorial

You will then be logged in to the MT4 demo xauusd account as shown below:

MetaTrader 4 XAU/USD Demo Trading Account

Example of How XAUUSD Trading Demo Account Looks on MT4 - MT4 XAUUSD Trading Demo Account

Once you have opened a free demo xauusd account you can then start to practice the following:

  • How to place xauusd orders
  • How to open xauusd charts and place technical indicators
  • How to analyze XAUUSD Trading charts
  • How to monitor profits and losses
  • How to navigate the MetaTrader 4 platform interface

While practicing all the above, the money used is virtual money, meaning a xauusd demo trader will practice using virtual money but everything else including gold price movements will reflect the true xauusd market movement.

Practice Demo versus Live Account

The xauusd practice demo xauusd account only difference to the live xauusd account is the deposit, with a demo xauusd account a xauusd trader cannot deposit or withdraw money but with the real xauusd account a xauusd trader can deposit and withdraw money and all the trades will be transacted using real money and profits can be withdrawn and losses will be deducted from the deposited amount.

Traders should use this demo practice trading account to test out their xauusd strategy and practice xauusd until such a time that they can trade the xauusd market profitably. Then when they learn how to make a profit on their demo practice xauusd trading account then they can open a live xauusd account and start trading the real gold market.

Once a beginner xauusd trader registers for the free demo xauusd account the next step is to learn the xauusd trading platform as well as learn xauusd trading systems and xauusd strategies which will be used to generate xauusd signals for xauusd. The trader will then test these xauusd strategies on the XAUUSD Trading demo account that they will have opened to test if these trading strategies are profitable. Once the xauusd strategies are profitable on the xauusd demo account and a xauusd trader starts to make consistent profits on their XAUUSD Trading practice demo xauusd account then they can consider opening a real gold trading account.

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