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Hull Moving Average XAUUSD Technical Analysis and XAUUSD Signals

Developed by Alan Hull.

This indicator looks exactly like the common moving average. This is an extremely fast moving and smooth moving average. Hull main objective is to remove the lag, it almost eliminates lag completely and manages to improve the smoothing of the indicator at the same time.

Hull Moving Average Technical XAUUSD Indicator

Hull Moving Average

XAUUSD Technical Analysis and Generating XAUUSD Signals

Hull can be used to trade XAUUSD Trading instead of the traditional MA. The technical analysis of Hull indicator is the same as that of the conventional Moving Averages.

The Hull averages uses the MA XAUUSD Price, MA Periods, and MA Type inputs to calculate how to draw the indicator. These values are parameterized to allow a xauusd trader full customization of the Hull Average.


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