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Minimum Deposit XAUUSD Brokers Trading Accounts

If you are a xauusd trader wanting to open a live account and you are doing some research online to find out one or two things before opening, then you have come to the right training website.

Open a live account is different than opening a demo. First as a xauusd trader you don't have unlimited money, maybe you only have $1000 dollars or $5,000 or $10,000 or you are rich and have $50,000 dollars to open one and start with.

First thing you need to select is the xauusd leverage you will be trading with, if you are good in xauusd trading you can choose 100:1 xauusd leverage if not then choose 50:1 xauusd leverage if you have not practiced with a demo then choose 10:1 xauusd leverage. The other thing is that even though you choose 100:1 xauusd leverage for your account; this does not mean that you will trade with all the 100:1 xauusd leverage, you will only use 5% of these xauusd leverage and only open trades with a maximum of 5:1 xauusd leverage. The remaining xauusd leverage will be used to maintain what is known as free margin; money required by a xauusd broker so as to maintain your open positions.

The other thing to know is what type of account you are going to open, depending on your capital that you want to start with:

If you have $1000 dollars or less

Open a micro xauusd account - with $1000 dollars it is best to only transact with micro lots, forget what your xauusd broker tells you, anything bigger than micro lots will only increase your risks to levels which you do not have enough capital for - Minimum Deposit XAUUSD Brokers Trading Accounts - Brokers with Minimum Deposit XAUUSD Accounts. If you want to keep your money and make profits with this micro xauusd account trade on micro lots.

If you have $10,000 dollars

Open a mini xauusd account - with $10,000 dollars you can open a mini xauusd account and transact only mini lots. Trading mini lots on a $10,000 capital is enough capital to allow you to trade and make profits without taking too much risk.

If you have $50,000 dollars or more

If you have $50,000 dollars or more then you have enough capital to open standard lots, and you can open a standard xauusd account. With $50,000 dollars then your capital is enough to trade standard lots without much risk to your capital. However, make sure that you have read this tutorial: xauusd money management and xauusd money management methods.

The other thing to know is that to open a live account you have to send to send to your xauusd broker a copy of Government Issued ID card and a copy of utility bill showing your physical address. Some traders are surprised when asked for these documents, but all traders send them before opening their account, it is a requirement by all trading regulators that requires regulated xauusd brokers to get these documents before accepting a deposit from anyone. Also make sure you select a regulated xauusd broker that way your money is safe.


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