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How to Open a Stock Indices Demo Account

Once you install the stock indices trading platform, the next step is to open a practice demo account . The demo account will be used to learn how to trade, place orders and analyze the movements of the various stock indices available for trading on this platform.


The steps to open a demo account are explained below:


1. A trader should first open the trading platform and then select “File” at the top left corner of the platform as shown below, a drop down menu will then appear and the trader can then select the option to “Open an Account” as shown below.


1. Once a trader clicks the open an account option the trader will then be taken to a registration page as shown below, the trader should then enter their details so as to register for a stock indices practice demo account.




Once the above registration form is complete a trader will then receive login and password details that they can use to access the demo account that they have just opened. The following confirmation window will show these details.



The same login details will also be sent to the email address that is used when registering the demo account as shown below.




The next step is to use these details; login and password to login to the demo practice account on the stock indices trading platform as shown below – click “File” at the top left corner of the platform, then select the option “Login”.



The following Login window will pop up and the trader should now use the login and password to login to the account as shown below.



Once the trader enter the login details, they should also make sure the “Save account information” check box is checked, this will save the details on the trading platform so that there is no need to retype these details every time a trader wants to login to their demo account.


The trader should then click the “Login” button so as to login to their demo account and start trading stock indices.


After login in, the demo account will be as shown below.



The demo account will show the trading charts as well as the account balance shown above. For our example above the demo account balance is $100,000 dollars - this window will show the account balance and profit will be added to this balance and losses deducted.


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