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Objects List on Charts Menu in MetaTrader 4

On the MetaTrader 4 platform, charts menu options, the second button is the "Objects" list button. The objects list is used to display a list of all object placed on the chart, this list will include objects such as indicators, trend lines, text labels and any object that has been placed on the MetaTrader chart.

The objects list button is shown below.

Objects List on Charts Menu on MT4 - Objects List on Charts Menu in MetaTrader 4 - Forex Trading MT4 Objects List on Charts Menu - Charts Objects List in MetaTrader 4 Charts Menu

Objects List

The objects list menu has the following sub menu options:

  1. Objects List
  2. Delete Last
  3. Delete All Selected
  4. Delete All Arrows
  5. Unselect All
  6. Undo Delete

The first option is the "Objects List"

To view all the object that are placed on the Forex chart that you are trading, click the objects list button, this will show a list of all objects on the trading chart just like the in the example shown below:

A List of all Objects Placed on the Forex Chart in MT4 - MT4 Forex Platform Objects List - Objects List on Charts Menu in MT4 - Forex MT4 Objects List on Charts Menu

On this chart the objects listed above are placed on the Forex chart. To delete all objects just select all object by clicking on then, ticking the check box to the left, and click delete.

Show - This option will show the object selected and locate it on the trading chart.

Edit - Can be used to edit any of the object within this "objects list"

The other sub menu items on this objects list are:

  • Delete Last - Delete the last object placed on the chart
  • Delete All Selected - Select some objects by double clicking on them, then select this option to delete all selected.
  • Delete All Arrows - Delete all arrows
  • Unselect All - Unselect all objects that may have been selected on the charts.
  • Undo Delete - Undo a delete and put back a deleted object on the chart

To view the objects list, directly using a short cut a trader can press keyboard buttons "Ctrl+B" as a shortcut to this menu.

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