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Indicators List on Charts Menu in MetaTrader 4 - Best Technical Indicators for Forex Trading MT4

On the MT4 platform charts menu in the MetaTrader 4 Forex Platform, the first option is the Charts Menu. The forex indicators list is shown below; however it is grayed out meaning that as a forex trader for now you cannot use this button, so the question is how to activate? - The button is shown below:

Forex Indicators Collection Free Download - How Do I Add Indicators to MT4?

MT4 Indicators List - How to Add Indicators to MT4 Forex Chart Indicators Explained

This Forex Chart Indicators list will be activated once some indicators are placed on the forex chart, from the example below the Forex Chart Indicators list button has been activated as shown below once the moving average and RSI Forex Indicators have been added on the forex charts as shown below:

Indicators List on Charts Toolbar on MT4 - How Do I Add Technical Indicators to MetaTrader 4? - Trading Technical Indicators List on Charts Menu on MT4 - How to Add Technical Indicators to MetaTrader 4


This option in MetaTrader 4 is used to list all the MT4 technical indicators that have been placed on the forex chart. For example once you click the above button a popup window will appear listing all the forex indicators placed on the chart - Forex Indicators Collection on MT4 Forex Chart.

MT4 Indicator List Window for Editing Chart Indicators - How to Add Indicators to MetaTrader 4

As a forex trader you can choose any of the technical indicators listed here on this Forex Indicators Collection and either edit the MT4 indicator or delete the MT4 indicator. To edit or delete select a single indicator and click the "Edit" or "Delete" button.

How to Add, Edit and Delete Indicator Buttons on MT4 - Forex MT4 Chart Indicators Examples Explained - How Do You Add Indicators to MetaTrader 4?

To Edit a MetaTrader 4 Technical Indicator, once you click the edit button, then the following window will appear:

Edit Indicator Properties for MT4 Chart Indicators - Indicators List on Charts Menu in MT4

From the above Edit Buttons

  • Parameters Button - Edit parameters of an MT4 technical indicator such as color, line width, calculation method, and the number of price periods used to calculate the MT4 forex indicator settings.
  • Levels Button - Add a level, for example add overbought level at 80% and oversold level at 20% on RSI, by selecting the "levels" button, then selecting the point 80 and click add, and repeat for point 20. (First Select The RSI forex indicator to edit its settings)
  • Visualization Button - Specify on which forex chart time frame the MT4 forex indicator will appear on.

The second button is for "Delete", if you want to delete one forex indicator or many of them at once, just select the one you want to delete and press this button.

Forex MT4 Indicators - Technical Indicators Explained - How to Add Indicators to MT4

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