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Gann Swing Oscillator XAUUSD Technical Analysis and Gann Swing Oscillator XAUUSD Signals

Developed by Robert Krausz.

This xauusd indicator is an oscillator and is used to help define market swings.

Swing up- A market swing up is defined by 2 higher highs while a market

Swing low- A market swing low is defined by 2 lower lows.

The oscillator oscillates between values of +1 and -1;

  • An up-swing is indicated by a +1 value of the oscillator while
  • A down-swing is indicated by a -1 value of the oscillator.

Gann Swing Oscillator Technical XAUUSD Indicator - Gann Swing Oscillator XAU USD Indicator

XAUUSD Technical Analysis and Generating XAUUSD Signals

Bullish Signal - A buy is generated within a buy trend that is defined by the Gann Trend Oscillator, the buy xauusd signal is generated when both these are at the top value.

Bearish Signal - A sell is generated within a sell trend that is defined by the Gann Trend Oscillator, the sell xauusd signal is generated when both of these are at the bottom value.

Gann Trend Oscillator - Determine long-term XAUUSD trend

Gann Swing Oscillator - Determine short-term xauusd trend (Swing/Entry Points).

The Swing Oscillator is meant to be used in combination with the Gann HiLo Activator and Gann Trend indicator to form a gold trading system methodology commonly referred to as the: "New Gann Swing Chartist Plan". Within this trading methodology the Swing Oscillator is used to help determine market direction for trading only within the current xauusd market trend shown by the XAUUSD Trend indicator.

In the Example Below the "New Gann Swing Chartist Plan" xauusd system has been shown. The xauusd trend (downward xauusd trend) is determined by the XAUUSD Trend Oscillator and the entry point determined by the Swing Oscillator.

New Gann Swing Chartist Plan Trading Strategy

New Swing Chartist Plan

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