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How to Open a New Stock Index Chart on Trading Platform

As a trader before opening a new trade you need to open a chart of the particular stock index that you want to trade so that you can first of all analyze the market moves and then decide whether to open a buy or a sell trade.


To open a trade on your indices trading platform follow the steps below



Once a trader selects the open “New Chart” button, the following sub menu will appear where a trader can select the chart they want to open, if the chart is not on the list the trader should select the groups and search within which group the particular chart they want to trade is located, for our example the group named “Group 6” contains all the stock indices that we are interested in – you can find all the charts of stock indices here.




As a trader you can select any stock index from the above menu named group 6 and all stock indices are listed here.


Method 2: Where to Find Stock Indices

Another method of where to find stock indices is to use the “Market Watch” window as shown below.


To show market watch use the button shown below or press the keyboard shortcut key CTRL+M


The Market Watch window will appear as shown above with all the listed trading stock indices as shown above.



However, sometimes all the stock indices may not be listed, if the stock index that you want to trade is not listed on the above list you can use the following steps to show all the available charts.


1. Click anywhere inside the Market Watch widow

2. Select the option “Show All”


All the instruments available for trading will be shown and from this list you can select the particular stock indices that you want to trade and after selecting, click again within the Market Watch window and this time select “Hide All”, this option will hide all the instruments that you are not trading therefore saving your internet bandwidth.



From the above trading symbols of stock indices listed on the Market Watch you can right click any symbol and then select the option “Chart Window” and the chart for that particular stock index will be open on the platform workspace and you can then place indicators on this chart, analyze the market movement and also place new orders from the chart.


Method 3: How to Access Stock Indices Symbols

A trader can also use the “View” menu next file, once a trader goes o the view menu, the trader can then select the option “Symbols” as shown below.



After selecting the symbols button the following pop up window will appear showing all the available Groups of trading instruments, for our example we want Group 6 instruments, expand this group 6 by clicking the + plus button, a list of all symbols of stock indices will appear, select any of the stock index that you want to add to the Market Watch window and then click the “Show” button as illustrated below.



After adding all the stock indices symbols that you want you will then click the close button as shown above and all the symbols for stock indices will now be listed on the Market Watch window and you can open trading charts that you want from the Market Watch window.


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