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MetaTrader 4 Market Watch Window for Currencies on MetaTrader 4

The market watch window in MetaTrader 4 is used to display an array of Forex quotes for currency pairs. To access this display of currency pairs on the MetaTrader 4 a trader should go to the view menu as shown below and select the Market Watch Window by Clicking on it. (The Ctrl+M is the short cut for accessing this window as shown below, by pressing this shortcut, you can enable market watch window without going to the "view" menu)

Market Watch Window

MT4 Market Watch Window for Currencies on MT4 - How Do I Use MetaTrader 4 Market Watch Window Tutorial? - MetaTrader 4 Market Watch Window

Once a trader selects the market watch window, the following window will appear showing a list of Forex pairs available for trading.

Market Watch Displaying List of Currency Quote on MT4 - How Do I Use MetaTrader 4 Market Watch Window PDF?


As a trader you may also want to trade a currency pair that is not listed on this list. For example on the above list only 5 currency pairs are displayed. To get the other symbols that are not listed, you can right click inside this market watch window as shown below and the following window will appear.

How to Show or Hide Currency Pairs on MT4 Market Watch Window - How Do I Use MT4 Market Watch Window PDF?

To show a list of other symbols, select the "Show All" button, this will then display all the available pairs.

To Save Internet Bandwidth, (Especially if you are using mobile trader, or pay per MB internet)

To save bandwidth select a list of all the currency pairs you will be trading, say example, ten pairs, after selecting these, then click "Hide All" button, this will hide all the pairs that you do not require to trade and will save you a great deal of internet bandwidth.

Even if you do not want to save bandwidth, you can select the option to "Hide All", this will save computer processor resources and RAM, especially for brokers that provide hundreds of currencies and financial instruments, there no need to have all these 100 or 200 instruments streaming on your platform after all you need only about 10 pairs or a few financial instruments to trade. You can always "Show All">> Select a new pair by opening a chart, >> Then hide all, your newly selected ones will be added on this minimized list.

Other Market Watch Options

Below is an explanation of each market watch window, Download MetaTrader 4 and click the buttons below to get an illustration of the explanations made below.

Currency Symbols in MetaTrader 4 Market Watch Window - MetaTrader 4 Market Watch Window for Currencies List

Symbols Options - Symbols option can be used to also add or hide a pair based on a group of currencies. You can download MT4 and click symbols to see how you can add or remove currency pairs using this option.

Sets - A set of grouped currency pairs, eg majors or crosses

High/Low - Displays the high and low of the day next to the quote

Time - Displays the current time of day next to the quote

Auto Arrange - Automatically arrange according to the selected order

Grid - Add or Remove Grid on the Price Quotes

Popup Prices - Show prices as a Pop Up Window within the MetaTrader 4 Platform.

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