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MetaTrader 4 Platform Connection Bars – MT4 Status Bar

One quick method to check the real time internet connection between your MetaTrader 4 platform and the server of your Forex broker is to check the status bars on the MetaTrader 4 platform interface.


On the example below the status Bar is Shown:

MetaTrader 4 Platform Connection Bars – MetaTrader 4 Status Bar


The status Bar is used to show if there is a connection to the trading servers or not, if there is a connection, then a trader can place trades to the online currency market.


Green Bars – Shows there is a connection, next to the green bar there will also be the kilobytes downloaded and uploaded indicated as a figure.


Red Bars – Show that there is no connection and trades to the brokers’ server cannot be opened.


Red bars may also mean that your internet connection is down, therefore if you are using a connection like dial up and red bars come up, then maybe it is your internet connection, and not necessarily the Forex broker's server.


To show the status bars on the MT4, a trader need to use the “Status Bar” button on the “View” menu options as shown below, Click to check, once the option is checked the status bar will appear at the bottom right corner of your MetaTrader 4 Platform.

Check Online Connection on The MetaTrader 4 Platform Interface Tutorial

How to check if there is an online connection on the MetaTrader 4 Platform Interface


Green Bars indicate that the connection is online and Red Bars show that the connection is offline. The connection may be either your internet service provider or Forex broker server. Most of the time it will be your internet service provider as the Forex brokers have 2 to 3 simultaneous servers and there is no way all of them can be offline even if it is for 1 second.


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