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Setting Properties on Charts Menu in MetaTrader 4

The last menu item in the charts menu on the MetaTrader 4 is the properties button. This button represents settings of the chart that is on the MetaTrader 4 workspace. The properties button on the charts menu is shown below.

Chart Properties on Charts Menu in MT4 - MT4 Chart Setup

Properties Button on MetaTrader 4 for Editing Properties and Settings

Chart Properties

By clicking the "properties" button, the following popup window will appear displaying the various settings for the chart. The examples below show two examples with different settings.

Example 1:

Chart Properties on EURUSD Chart in MT4 - Forex Trading MT4 Chart Properties on Charts Menu

Example 2:

Editing Chart Properties on the MT4 Forex Trading Software - MT4 Forex Chart Setup

The following properties can be adjusted from the above menu:

  1. Back ground - change background
  2. Fore ground - change foreground, objects in the foreground
  3. Grid - place or remove the grid
  4. Bar Up - Color of bars, bullish bar
  5. Bar Down - Color of bars, bearish bar
  6. Bull Candle - Color of candlesticks, bullish candle
  7. Bear Candle - Color of candlesticks, bearish candle
  8. Line Graph - Color of Line
  9. Volumes - Settings of Volumes
  10. Ask Line - Settings of Ask Line
  11. Stop Levels - Settings of the Stop Levels Line

In the above two example these properties are different and thus the difference in the appearance of these two different settings shown on the preview windows above.


The Color Scheme

The chart properties window also lists three color scheme as shown below that traders can load and these color schemes are the default pre saved color schemes of the MT4 platform.

Color Scheme Properties of Charts on the MT4 Platform - Chart Properties on Charts Menu in MetaTrader 4 - MT4 Chart Properties on Charts Menu

Candlesticks Settings

Common Settings

On the properties window there is also the next tab marked as "Common" as shown below, this button is for common settings.

Common Chart Settings on MT4 for Currency Charts - MetaTrader 4 Trading Chart Setup

The following are The Common Settings that can be activated or deactivated using this window:

Offline, foreground option, shift option and auto scroll properties can also be activated or deactivated from the properties common settings option as shown above.

Type of chart can be selected from this menu from the options Bar, Candlesticks and Line.

Show OHCL, Show ASK Line, Show Period Separators, Show Grid, Show Volumes and Show Object Description option can be activated or deactivated on this common setting option as shown above.

To learn more about the above setting or to find out what a particular option means or what it displays you can download the MetaTrader 4 Platform and practice placing these object on charts and changing some of these properties and settings.

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