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MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Platform Tutorial

XAUUSD Account Sign In

Before placing any trade on the MetaTrader 4 platform, you will be required to login to your XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account and get authenticated before gaining access. Authentication is checking to see if the details you provide for Username and Password are the correct details for your XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account.

To start trading on MT4, just click on "File", then click "Login" button from the file drop down menu as shown below.

XAUUSD Trading MT Account - XAUUSD Trading MT Account Login

Login to MetaTrader 4 Online XAUUSD Platform - XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account Login

As a xauusd trader once you click this login button, then a popup window will appear prompting you to input your Username and Password as shown below:

Gold Trading MT Account - Gold Trading MetaTrader 4 Account Login - Online Gold Platform - Gold Platforms Accounts - Gold Trading MT Account Login

XAUUSD Platform Login - XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account Login

Once you input your Username and Password you will then have to select the server; because this is a demo xauusd account, for this instance you will then select "Demo", if it was a real XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader account/live gold trading account then you would have to select "Real" Server on this option by clicking the drop down arrow on the right side of the above text box.

Then check the box "Save Account Information"

Then Click "Login"


Once you click login your details will be authenticated and you will then have access to your MT4 xauusd account and when logged in to your xauusd MetaTrader account you can start to trade and place new trade orders in the xauusd market on the MT4 platform. If you do not have XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account login details you can get these details by registering a demo practice account with a MetaTrader broker.

Once you login you can then check your xauusd account balance and set up your gold trades. To know that you have logged in to the correct XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account you can check the details as shown below: (You will need to open Navigator Window: Short Cut Keyboard Keys, Press Both CTRL+N on your keyboard)

XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account - XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader 4 Account Login - XAU/USD Platforms Accounts - XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Account Login

MT4 Demo XAUUSD Account Details

The above example Shows the details of your MT4 demo xauusd account on the XAUUSD trade platform work-space after you have logged in, whether it is a demo xauusd account or a live account as well as the account login number and the account name.

A demo xauusd account will have a green cartoon icon while live xauusd trading account will have a xauusd trading cartoon icon, when you open a live account you will know what this statement is talking about. Just know in the above picture where there is a green cartoon you will now see a XAUUSD Trading Cartoon.

If you have many XAUUSD Trading MetaTrader Accounts on the same MetaTrader 4 platform, these will all be listed on this option, you can double click on the cartoon icon to select the one you want to login to from this place.

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