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Drawing Line Gold Charts in MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Trading Platform

This is the fifth option on the charts menu within the MetaTrader 4 platform. The line xauusd chart button shown below.

Line XAUUSD Chart on XAUUSD Charts Menu in MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Trading Platform - Line Gold Chart on Gold Charts Menu in MetaTrader 4 Gold Trading Platform - Gold Trading Line Gold Chart on Gold Charts Menu MT4 Gold Trading Software Platform

The line xauusd charts are not popular and are not used by many traders as these do not show a lot of information that is useful for technical analysis. This option will only draw a xauusd price line that connects the closing xauusd prices of a xauusd instrument leaving out all other data.

When compared to candlesticks that will show the Opening, the Closing, the Low and the High of gold price, then the line xauusd chart leaves out a lot of information in its graphical representation of market movement.

Most of this information is useful and used by most traders when using technical analysis method therefore the candlesticks are preferred because they provide more information for technical analysis.

For this reason this charting method is not popular among technical traders and therefore not widely used.


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Precious Metal Symbols:
Gold - XAU USD and XAU EUR, Silver - XAG USD and XAG EUR, Platinum - XPT USD, Palladium - XPD USD

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Copper - XCU USD, Zinc - XZN USD, Lead - XPB USD, Nickel - XNI USD, Aluminium - XAL USD