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Different Types of Trading Platforms, Desktop, Web Trader and Mobile Phone Forex Trading Softwares

Which Forex softwares are Most Widely used to trade currencies?

There are 3 versions of Forex charting software commonly used are:

  • Desktop Forex Software
  • Mobile Phone Forex Software
  • Web Trader Forex Platforms


Desktop Forex Trading Softwares


MetaTrader 4 Platform Software for Forex Trading

MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Platform Software

MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Software Workspace


Currenex Forex Trade Software

Currenex is also a popular trading platform although have never used it but I've heard quite a bit if you are interested then you can look around for it on the internet.



ZuluTrade Automated Forex Trading Software

ZuluTrade is a Forex automation software that is popular among brokers and is provided by quite a number of currency brokers. ZuluTrade Forex automated trading software is designed specifically for automated Forex trading, it is used by traders to execute trades using only automated Forex trading robots. ZuluTrade automated Forex software is provided by many online brokers.



Sirix Web Trading Forex Chart Software

Sirix is a popular web based platform that is provided by a number of brokers. Sirix web based looked likes the snapshot below. I have not traded with it but one of the brokers that I trade with provides it and it looks like the picture below:

Sirix Forex Trading Platform - Web Based Platform

Sirix - Web Based Software Forex Platform



MetaTrader 4 WebTrader

The MetaTrader 4 Web Based Platform has the same look and feel as the MetaTrader 4 desktop version only that it is accessible from the internet. I don't have a snapshot of MetaTrader 4 Web Trader, But you can look for it by searching for a broker with this platform, not many broker's provide it.


Recommended Forex Broker

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Mobile Phone Forex Trader Software Versions

If you got an:

iPhone – iPhone Version

iPad - iPad Version

Android - Android Mobile Version

If you have the phones above then you can download the following Forex trading software online:


Android Trader - Download Forex Trading Software

Android Mobile Phone Trader Forex Trading Platform


iPhone Trader - Download Forex Trading Software

iPhone Mobile Phone Trader Forex Trading Platform


iPad Trader - Download Forex Trading Software

iPad Mobile Phone Trader Forex Trading Platform

Mobile Phone Software Trading Forex Applications


Depending on the phone version you are using you can look for any mobile phone platform from the many online brokers available on the internet. Most online brokers will also offer a multiple of phone trading versions from which you can choose from depending on the make of your phone.


From all the Trading Platforms above the best one is the MetaTrader 4 Desktop Version that provides all the technical analysis tools to trade currencies. Web trader may be best for you if you are working from multiple locations.


Forex Trading Software for Mac

A popular search for another platform is Forex trading software MAC computer trading version which is also available from various Forex brokers. This online Forex trading software is still the MT4 only that it is designed to run on MAC computers.

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