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How to Install Stock Indices Trading Platform

To start indices trading you will first of all have to install the stock indices platform on your computer so that you can use it to connect to the online stock indices trading market.


You will have to download this software from a stock indices broker and then install it.


Once you have downloaded it you will then go to the download location of your browser, for example if you are using Firefox you can press the keyboard shortcut keys CTRL+J . Then select the software you have just downloaded and follow the steps below:


The following pop up window will launch this application, click next as shown below:



Check the box shown below and then click next to proceed


The following window will then appear as shown below, also click next to proceed




The following window will appear showing the progress bar for the installation, this step will take a few minutes to complete and as trader you will have to wait until the progress bar completes so as to proceed with the installation.




Once the progress bar completes, click finish as shown below so as to complete the platform installation.



The installation is now complete and you can now access the platform through the desktop icon that is marked with the name and logo of your broker, or you can select this platform; go to the start menu, then select all programs, then select this newly installed software - this software will be with the name of your broker.


Once you install and open the platform you are now ready to open a demo account to start practicing stock indices trading with.


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