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Chart Time Frames on MetaTrader 4

Periodicity just means chart time frames, in MetaTrader 4 this toolbar is used to select which chart time frames to trade with.

Periodicity Toolbar Menu on MetaTrader 4

The time frames listed are:

  1. 1 Minute - M1

  2. 5 Minute - M5

  3. 15 Minutes - M15

  4. 30 Minutes - M30

  5. 1 Hour - H1

  6. 4 Hours - H4

  7. Daily - D1

  8. Weekly - W1

  9. Monthly - MN

As a stock indices trader you only require to trade with only about 3 chart time frames, for example let's say a stock indices trader only requires the 15 minute, the 1 hour and the 4 hours time frame, then on the periodicity toolbar a stock indices trader can hide all the others that are not required using the following method.

How to Customize

To add a tool not listed above a stock indices trader has to follow the following steps

  1. Right Click at the toolbar button to the left (Looks like a stack of coins), shown below

How To Customize The Periodicity Toolbar on MetaTrader 4

2. Click customize


After following the above steps the customize popup window will appear as shown below:

Select Chart Time Frames and Remove Them From The Periodicity Toolbar in MetaTrader 4

Select as shown above and click the remove button.

The popup window will then look like:

Chart Time Frames Removed From Periodicity Toolbar in MetaTrader 4

On the platform the periodicity toolbar will now look like the example shown below:

Selecting 3 Chart Time Frames in Periodicity Toolbar to Trade With on MetaTrader 4

Using the above setup as a stock indices trader you can save space within your MetaTrader 4 stock index platform workspace by hiding the time frames which you are not trading with.


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