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Place Momentum Stock Index Indicator on Stock Index Chart in MetaTrader 4

This learn stock indices tutorial will explain how to place Momentum Stock Index Indicator on a Stock Index Chart on the MetaTrader 4 Platform. For Technical analysis: Technical analysis of stock indices Momentum Stock Indices Indicator.

Momentum Stock Index Indicators List

How To Place Stock Index Indicators on MetaTrader 4 Stock Index Charts

Step 1: Open The Stock Indices Platform Navigator Window

Open the Navigator window as shown below; Go to “ View ” menu (click), then select the “ Navigator ” window (click), or From Standard Toolbar click the “Navigator” button or press keyboard short cut keys “Ctrl+N”

On the Navigator window, select “Indicators” , (Double Click)

Momentum Stock Index Indicators List

Step 2: Expand the Indices Indicators Menu on the Navigator

Expand the menu by clicking the expand button marker (+) or double click the “indicators” menu, after this the button will appear as (-) and will now display a list as shown below.

Momentum Stock Index Indicator on MetaTrader 4 List of Stock Index Indicators

From the Above window you can then place any indicator that you want on the Indices chart.

MT4 Momentum Stock Index Indicators

Step 1: Select the Momentum button on the MetaTrader 4 list of indicators as shown below:

Placing Momentum Stock Index Indicator on Stock Index Charts in MetaTrader 4

Step 2: Double click the Momentum Button, and click okay to place it on the chart as shown below:

How to Trade Stock Indices Trading With Momentum Stock Index Indicator on MetaTrader 4

Edit Settings

To Adjust Settings, right click on the Momentum Stock Index Indicator, select properties and then edit the properties using the popup menu that appears and then click ok after changing the settings.

How to Edit Momentum Stock Indices Indicator Properties on MetaTrader 4

The following popup window appears and Indicator settings can be edited from this popup window.

Edit Properties Window For Editing Momentum Stock Index Indicator Settings