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Line Studies Toolbar Menu on MetaTrader 4

Sometimes traders will say “oh, I cannot find Fibonacci expansion tool on my MetaTrader 4 where can I get it?”

The thing is that all these line studies are located on the line studies toolbar; however, by default not all are set to display, therefore a stock indices trader must know where to get these tools that are not displayed by default on the MetaTrader 4 Stock Indices Platform. So how can a stock indices trader add a tool, to the line studies toolbar shown below?

Line Studies Toolbar Menu on MetaTrader 4

Customize a Toolbar

To add a tool not listed above a stock indices trader has to follow the following steps

  1. Right Click at the toolbar button to the left of this(Looks like a stack of coins)as shown below

How To Customize and Add Tools on The Line Studies Toolbar in MetaTrader 4

3. Click customize
4. Add all Tools

The following customize popup window will appear:

Add Line Tools To The Line Studies Toolbar on MetaTrader 4

Select all the tools from the left window and add them: After adding this will look like:

Customize and Adding All Tools to The Line Studies Toolbar on MetaTrader 4

The toolbar will now look like:

All Tools on Line Studies Toolbar in The MetaTrader 4 Stock Indices Platform

Explanations of Each Tool

The following is the explanation of each tool on this toolbar.

Explanation of All Tools on the MetaTrader 4 Stock Indices Platform Lines Toolbar

1: Select mouse as cursor, change mouse to the default cursor

2: Select Cross Hair cursor, a type of cursor that maps coordinates to the axis of the charts

3: Draw a vertical line

4: Draw a Horizontal line

5: Draw a stock indices trend line

6: Equidistant Channel

7: Stock Index Fibonacci Retracement

8: Text button

9: Text Label Button

10: Stock Indices Fibonacci Expansion

11: Stock Indices Trading Trend by Angle

12: Linear Regression Channel

13:Standard Deviation Channel

14: Gann Lines

15: Gann Fan

16: Gann Grid

17: Fibonacci Time zones

18: Fibonacci Fan

19: Fibonacci Arc

20: Cycle Lines

21: Andrew's Pitchfork

22: Insert Ellipse

23: Insert Triangle

24: Insert Rectangle

25: Fibonacci Channels

26: Draw Arrows

How To Remove Tools

As a stock indices trader you will not require all these buttons and you can hide some of them by clicking the customize button, then select some of the items on the right window and then select hide.

How to Remove a Tool From The Lines Toolbar on MetaTrader 4

Remove the above tools by clicking on them and then clicking the remove button, so as to save space on your MetaTrader 4 stock index platform workspace.