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Saving a Workspace or a Trading System on MetaTrader 4

On the MetaTrader 4, you may want to save the your Forex workspace or the the trading system that you are trading with so as to easily load it the next time you login.

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On the Forex Platform There are Two Ways For Saving

The Work Space - The workspace is the charts that you have opened along with the information on these charts such as the attached trading systems. Saving a workspace will save all this information and you can easily load this information any other time in your platform software.


On the workspace button on the MT4 (shown below) a trader can save several different work spaces and load them at another time.


The Template – The template in other words is the trading system you are using to trade with. For example you have just placed a set of 4 indicators on your EURUSD chart, but you also trade the GBPUSD and you don't want to redo all the work of putting the same indicators on the GBPUSD all over again, so what do you do? You save it as a template and then load it on the GBPUSD. But how does a trader do this on the Forex Platform MetaTrader 4.


Template and Work Space on MetaTrader 4 Platform

How to Save a Forex Trading System as a Template on MetaTrader 4 Platform



Saving a System as a Template

From the screen shot below all a trader has to do is to click the buttons below Templates Icon and select the "Save Templates" Button.


Saving a Template on MetaTrader 4 Platform

Templates Icon on MetaTrader 4 Platform for Saving and Loading Trading Systems

Saving a Template on MT4 Platform



If as a trader you want to save the above trading strategy on your platform software, click the templates button as shown above, then select "Save Template" as shown above, then specify the "name" of the system and click "okay".


To load a template on another chart, click the "Load Template Button" as shown above, then select the path of where to load the system from. You can even select to download a one, if you have downloaded, or want to select one that is saved from another MetaTrader 4 of another broker within your computer drive C: / Programs / MetaTrader 4 / templates / Name of System.


To load a template, there is a shortcut list of saved templates click on any item on the shortcut listed to load it.



Saving a Workspace

To save a workspace (not a template) which is a collection of the open charts and all the technical indicators attached to these charts on the Forex Platform Software, Click the "Save Workspace" button shown below.


MetaTrader 4 Workspace

Load a Saved Workspace in MetaTrader 4 Platform

Load a Workspace in MetaTrader 4 Platform


Saving the above Workspace – Click "Save Profile" , and select the profile with the name “Euro”


To load this Work Space anytime, click the shortcut above that is marked “Euro”


To load the British Pound Work Space , click the above short cut that is marked “British Pound”


When trading currencies you can "load" or "save" a template or workspace and then place it on another chart by simply clicking on a single platform button provided as shown above, this makes it is easier to trade with the Forex MT4 Software.


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