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Standard Toolbar Menu and Customizing it on MetaTrader 4

The Standard Toolbar on the MetaTrader 4 is shown below:

MT4 Standard Toolbar and Tools on the MT4 Platform Interface - XAU/USD Trading MT4 Download - Gold Trading Platform MT4 Gold Platform Setup

Before explaining how to use each tool listed on this standard toolbar, let's make sure that all the available buttons are added to it by customizing it:

  1. Right Click on the toolbar customize button to the left as shown below

How Do I Customize the Standard Toolbar on the MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Software? - MetaTrader 4 XAU USD Platform Setup

2. Click customize 3. Add all Tools

Add Tools

Customize and Add Buttons on Standard MetaTrader 4 Toolbar - XAU USD Trading MT4 Download

After Adding and customizing, it will look like:

How Do I Customize and Add Tools on Standard MetaTrader 4 Toolbar?

On the platform, the standard toolbar now looks like:

List of all Tools on Standard Toolbar on MetaTrader 4 - XAU/USD Trading MetaTrader 4 Download - XAUUSD Trading Platform MT4 XAUUSD Platform Setup


Explanation of Each Tool on the Standard Toolbar

Explanation of Each Tool on the Standard Toolbar on MetaTrader 4

1: Opens a xauusd chart on the MetaTrader 4 and a trader can specify which type of chart to open by clicking the drop down arrow next to its icon.

2: Profile - can be used to load a saved profile or to save a new profile; these options are provided as a sub-menu from the drop down arrow.

3: Opening and closing market watch window: market watch displays the xauusd quote xauusd prices for selected xauusd trading instruments.

4: Data window opens and closes and it displays gold price information as well as other information like indicator's information.

5: Navigator Shortcut, navigator displays Account information, indicators, scripts and Expert Advisors data.

6: Terminal window shortcut, displays the transactions opened by a trader - shows open trades, balance, account equity, transaction history, news, Expert Advisors tab, signals tab and trade alerts tab.

7: Strategy tester opens the XAUUSD Trading Strategy Tester and traders can test their Expert Advisors on this XAUUSD Trading Strategy Tester environment.

8: Places a new order by opening a popup panel where as a trader you can specify the xauusd trading instrument to buy, the amount to trade, and if the order will be a market order or set as a pending xauusd order.

9: Meta Editor opens the Meta Editor environment where a trader can add or program an Expert Advisor or a new indicator on this Meta Editor Environment.

10: Help, if you do not know something on the MT4 click this and point on any MetaTrader 4 object and get an explanation.

11: Options settings for editing the MetaTrader 4 options that are used by your platform, these settings are the server settings and Expert Advisors settings found under the main navigation menu on tools menu, options submenu.

12: Full screen option for setting chart to full screen option, Short cut is Keyboard Key "F11"

13: Print Chart

14: Print Preview

15: Expert Advisors - activates and deactivating Expert Advisors on a xauusd chart, clicking this button changes color from green to red, green color means EA is allowed, red means EA execution not allowed.

Remove Buttons

As a trader you will not require all these buttons and you can hide some of them by clicking customize (shown above), then select some of the items on the right side panel and then select hide.

Remove Toolbar Buttons from the Standard Toolbar on MetaTrader 4 - XAU Trading MetaTrader 4 Download - XAU Trading Software MetaTrader 4 XAU Platform Setup

Remove the above tools by clicking on them and then clicking the remove button.

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