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Customizing and Arranging Charts Toolbars on MetaTrader 4

Charts Toolbars are the most widely used tools in the MetaTrader 4 platform. Therefore, the name tool bars; meaning a list in bar format of the most commonly used tools in the platform. These are used mostly for trading, placing indicators, placing technical analysis indicators, placing Expert Advisors or drawing line studies.

There are four main ones are shown below.

Charts Toolbars PDF - Customizing and Arranging XAUUSD Charts Toolbars in MT4 - XAU/USD Trading MT4 Trading Charts Tool Bars Tutorial Explained


There are 4 main toolbars, these are named:

  1. Standard
  2. Charts
  3. Line Studies
  4. Periodicity

These are listed below:

Name of Chart Toolbars on MetaTrader 4 - Customizing and Arranging XAU USD Charts Toolbars on MetaTrader 4 - XAU USD Trading MT4 Charts Tool Bars PDF

All these 4 will be covered in different topics, However for now let us look at How to Customize These Bars.

How to Customize

For customizing, a xauusd trader can either move the toolbar to a different location, maybe a little to the left or to the right. Or another option is to add or remove buttons from its list.

Moving a Tool Bar

To move, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click and Hold Down Mouse Button at the position Shown below.

Step 2: While still holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse to position 2 as shown below and release the mouse button, this will move the toolbar to the new position (position 2.)

How to Move a Chart Toolbar in MetaTrader 4


Adding Buttons

Step1: Right Click the customize button as Shown Below:

Adding Buttons to Chart Toolbars on MT4 - Customizing and Arranging XAU USD Charts Toolbars in MT4

Next Step: For this Example we shall use the Customize Popup Window

After clicking customize as shown above, the following popup appears:

Customizing and Arranging XAU/USD Charts Toolbars on MT4 - XAUUSD Trading MT4 Charts Tool Bars PDF

Step1: Select Any Tool on the Left, To add it Click insert button on the middle as shown above.

For example selecting Fibonacci Expansion and clicking insert will add this indicator in the Right side Window named "Selected"

How to Add Fibonacci Expansion Indicator on Line Studies Toolbar - Customizing and Arranging Gold Charts Toolbars on MetaTrader 4 - MT4 Gold Charts Toolbars

To move the indicator up or down use the UP or DOWN Buttons on the right side, shown above:

The Toolbar will now look like:

Fibonacci Expansion Levels Indicator Added to Line Studies Toolbar on MetaTrader 4 - Customizing and Arranging Gold Charts Toolbars in MetaTrader 4 - MetaTrader 4 Gold Charts Toolbars

Customizing Toolbars : If there is any tool that is not placed on the list, you can use this option to add it to the list, just like the above example where Fibonacci Expansion was not listed and now it has been added. If you do not know where an item is located and on which tool bar, right click on the customize button on the left side of any of the four toolbars, and view a list of all the names of all items that can be added, these will be on the left window on this customize window.

Also you can remove some tools, the ones you do not use, so as to save on the space also, for example if you trade only with 15 minute, 1 Hour and 4 hour charts, you can hide all the other time frames on the Periodicity bar and remaining with only these 3 time frames.

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