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Window Menu for Charts - MetaTrader 4 Platform

The window menu in MetaTrader 4 platform is where you access any of the open charts: listed here and can also be accessed from here; furthermore, you can open a new chart, arrange and rearrange, Tile Horizontally, Tile Vertically or even arrange them as Icons.

Window Menu for Charts in MT4

New Window

The new window option is the first item on this menu and is used to open new charts, by clicking this menu it will show a list of currencies that one can trade with. Clicking any of the currency pair below will display a new currency pair.

Open New Window for a New Currency Pair in MetaTrader 4 - Window Menu for Trading Charts

Cascade Windows

To arrange windows in a cascaded format, use the cascade button which is the second option on the menu. An example of cascaded arrangement is shown below.

Arrange and Cascade Windows of Currency pairs in MT4 - MT4 Open Charts List Window

Tile Horizontally

The third option is Tile Horizontally and this option will arrange all the charts horizontally as shown in the example below.

How to Arrange and Tile Forex Chart Windows Horizontally in MT4 - Open Charts List on MT4 - MetaTrader 4 Open Forex Charts List Window


Tile Vertically

The fourth option in the window menu is Tile Vertically and this option will arrange all the charts vertically as shown in the example below.

How to Arrange and Tile Forex Chart Windows Vertically in MT4

Arrange Icons

The fifth option is the arrange icons option which will arrange all charts as icons as shown on the example below.

How to Arrange Currency Pairs Charts as Arranged Icons in MetaTrader 4 - Open Charts List in MT4

Open Charts List

The next items are displayed as a list of the currency pairs represented, the chart currently on the workspace is checked on the left as shown below. In the example below option number 8, EURUSD is checked:

Open Charts List on MetaTrader 4 Software - Window Menu for Trading Charts - MetaTrader 4 Open Trading Forex Charts List Window

The more windows option shown above can also be used to show a list of other opened currency pairs that are not on the list numbered from 1 to 9. By clicking this more option the following popup will appear within the MT4 platform and a trader can select any currency pair from this popup.

Chart Windows List with a List of all Open Charts on MetaTrader 4

To display any of the above listed currency pairs just click the "Activate" button to the right of this popup.

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