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Print Setup and Printing Gold Chart from MetaTrader 4 XAUUSD Platform

As a xauusd trader you may want to print a XAUUSD Trading chart maybe to analyze it later, or simply as a means of keeping a record or a journal of your trades.

On the MetaTrader 4 platform, there is an option provided for printing of these charts. These print buttons are provided on the "File" Drop down menu of the MetaTrader 4, as shown below.

Print Setup and Printing XAUUSD Charts on MT4 - MT4 Gold Platform Tutorial for Beginners iPhone - How to Use MT4 Gold Demo Account

To preview the print document you can use the "Print Preview" Button. To print a Gold Chart just click the "Print" button or press keyboard shortcut keys, CTRL+P to directly print the chart from the MetaTrader 4 software.

Print Preview of how the printed chart will look after it is printed.

Print Setup on MT4 and Printing XAUUSD Charts on MetaTrader 4

How to print MetaTrader 4 xauusd charts, for the purpose of keeping a trade journal and using the printed chart to analyze the xauusd market later.

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