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Forex Broker Ranking Switzerland Based Forex Trading Broker Review

Below is a Forex review of online forex broker broker is based in Switzerland. Below is a list of the most common review questions that traders ask about this online forex broker.


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Where is currency broker based

Dukascopy is based in Switzerland, its address is:


Route de Pre-Bois 20,

ICC, Entrance H,

1215 Geneva 15,



Is a licensed and regulated Forex broker

Review details of the license, registration and regulation of this FX broker can be found on

Dukascopy is regulated by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA


What is the execution method of

Dukascopy execution method is ECN, Elecronic Communication Network instant execution of orders.


Forex Brokers Ratings - What is the Ranking of this Broker

The forex broker rating of this broker can be found on this forex brokers comparison listing:


What are the spreads of

The Forex broker spreads are:






0.5 pips


1.1 pips


0.7 pips


1.5 pips


Spreads may vary; accounts may also include paying of commissions on top of spreads.


Financial Instruments provided for trading by




What are the account types of online broker

Accounts provided are

  • Standard Account


Account maintenance fee – CHF 200 annually


Does broker have Islamic Forex Trading Accounts

No, Dukascopy does not have Islamic trading Accounts.


What are the terms for demo trading accounts for

Dukascopy provides a $50,000 dollars trading demo accounts for traders to practice trading and learn the SWFX Trading Platform.


How is the withdraw and deposit process of

Bank wire deposits and withdraws take between 1-2 days to process.



Currency conversion of between 0.05% to 1% may apply for deposited funds requiring currency conversion.

Bank wire deposits do not incur any fees.

Withdraws are charged a fees of CHF 20.


Regulated Forex Broker

Takes 4 to 6 weeks to open an account, open early: Read The Article "Account Opening Procedure"

Choose the Best Forex Broker: Read The Article "Best Forex Broker"

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What is the minimum account opening capital for Accounts

$50,000 dollars is the minimum account opening balance for Dukascopy accounts.


Does give an account opening deposit bonus

No, Dukascopy does not give an account opening deposit bonus.


What is the security and reliability of

What is the Forex broker ratings for security and reliability


Dukascopy is regulated by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and has a very high security and reliability of deposited funds. Dukascopy is also a bank that provides liquidity for other brokers, hedge funds, institutions and investors.


Bank Deposits in all Switzerland banks are guaranteed by the Swiss government for deposits above $100,000 dollars, guarantee is a maximum of $100,000.


Does accept scalping

No, Dukascopy does not accept forex scalping trading.


Does give free education to currency traders

This broker provides learn currency trading education for learn trading online.


Dukascopy provides a learn forex wiki section, webinars, video tutorials and technical analysis section for learning currency trading online.


What are the trading platforms of currency broker

SWFX Trading Platform

Web Trader

Mobile trader

Java Trader

Android Trader


Is a MetaTrader 4 Forex broker provides MetaTrader 4 software which is the best Forex trading platform according to reviews.


Thebroker does not provide this trading platform on their website.



Does allow automated forex trading

The broker automated trading policy on automated currency trading is:

Dukascopy allows automated forex trading on their Java currency trading platform and through their API programming Interface.



What are broker website sections

The website sections of this trade broker are:


Forex Trading Accounts Section: where traders will find information about accounts such as demo practice account and live accounts provided by this broker. Traders wanting to start trading can open an account from this section.


Contact Section: there is a section of contacts for this fx trading broker, where an fx trader can contact this online broker.


Forex Trading Platforms Section: this section provides platforms where a trader can choose one for trading online.


Trading tools section for trading calculators, calendar, interest rates, COT charts, currency converters and pivot point levels.

Market research section for market news technical analysis, fundamental analysis, market news, and market commentary by currency analysts.



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