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Ehlers MESA Adaptive Moving Average Technical indicator

Mesa Adaptive Moving Averages was developed by John Ehlers


Ehlers MESA Technical indicator was originally used to trade commodities and stocks. The MESA Adaptive average looks like two moving averages. The difference is that the MESA indicator moves in a staircase manner and not in a curved line like the MA. The example below shows a MESA indicator plotted on a price chart.

Mesa Adaptive Moving Averages

Ehlers MESA Adaptive MA Technical indicator


The MESA Adaptive Moving Average is a trend following indicator that adapts to price action movement based on the rate of change of price as measured by the Hilbert Transform Discriminator. This indicator will generate a trade signal when the two MAs cross one another. Trades should be executed in the direction of the MESA averages.


This method features a fast MA and a slow MA so that composite average rapidly follows behind the price changes and holds the average value until the next candlestick close occurs. The MESA indicator is less prone to whipsaws compared with the original Moving averages. This is because of the formula used to calculate the indicator’s rate of change in relation to the price movement.

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